Perhaps, the act of moving ranks among some of the most strenuous that one may experience in a lifetime. More so, if you are moving within a new neighborhood in Connecticut, or even across the state, it is always advisable to consider the right moving company. There is always a list of moving companies in Connecticut and thus, it is crucial to understand how best to hire one, which will meet the expectations of the client.

Understanding Your Moving Needs

Maximizing your chances of finding the most suitable moving company is all about defining your moving needs before you start browsing through potential candidates. Whether you are moving from a small apartment or a big house?Are you in need of movers who are going to pack and/or unpack your items or just in need of movers who will transport your belongings?By defining these aspects, you will be in a position to refine your choices.

Best Local and Long Distance Movers in CT

Two Men and a Truck
Two Men and a Truck have built a reputation of providing excellent services and they specialize in loading, packing, and moving services. They have the capacity to handle both local moves and as well the cross country movers and they are normally known to be efficient and professional.

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving
This company provides both moving services and junk removal so it is ideal for those individuals who want to have their belongings disposed of before moving. They are a friendly and reliable team tasked with the responsibility of handling different moving issues, thus making it easy for you to go through the process.

All My Sons Moving & Storage
All My Sons provides their customers with detailed moving packages that one will hire. Their services include packing services of all belongings that are to be moved and storage solutions for the belongings that are to be transported. They have well experienced staff to ensure ease and security in the whole moving system.

Gentle Giant Moving Company
Gentle Giant distinguishes for its policy based on the high level of their customers’ satisfaction and thoroughness in their job. Some of the services they cover include piano moving and storage and therefore they can suit the needs of clients who require specific moving solutions.

B & B Moving & Storage
A local firm, B & B Moving & Storage prides in professional movers who promise to serve clients with integrity and professionalism. They state they have a fair price and have a good track record of moving households small and large.

A checklist for selecting the right moving company

Moving Companies in Connecticut
Find out more information regarding various moving companies in Connecticut. Check Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau to read customer feedback and responses. In general, the accumulated positive feedback and marks show that the company is worthy and provides high-level services.

Once you have the name of movers that meet your criteria
Contact at least three moving companies to get their detailed quote. Also, make sure that all the quotes take into account all the possible extra fees so that you are not caught off guard. Sharing quotes will enable you to look for a service that will suit your wallet.

Ensure the Following
Before moving your belongings to the moving company, you should ensure the following; The moving company has a license. This ensures that in the event something happens to the belongings or they are lost during the relocation process, they will still be replaced. Make sure a company is authentic by checking the FMCSA website.

There is no better recommendation than experience, especially in the moving industry. He also noted that it is wise to partner with well-established companies, especially those with over three years of experience in handling such moves to ensure that your property is moved safely. It can be done by asking the company how often they handle moves similar to yours.

Inquire About Other Services
Some movers may offer extra services such as packing and storage, as well as consideration of fragile items. We recommend you check that these services are quoted for and offered by the company if you may need them.


Hiring moving companies in Connecticut is not a decision to make if you do not have adequate information on how to go about it. Through getting to know your moving requirements, reading reviews and getting several estimates, as well as checking if the company has the right certifications and experience, you can adjust the moving process and ensure it is easy and smooth. When deciding, it boils down to making a selection between a large company and a mover providing local services, such as B & B Moving & Storage. Happy moving!