How To Prepare For A Move in Mystic CT

How To Prepare For A Move in Mystic CT

Do you need to know how to prepare for a move in Mystic, CT? Look no further as we break down the process for you to make your move an easy and seamless process. Moving can be an exciting and stressful time for your family. But by starting to plan your move a few months in advance, you can truly simplify the process.

When to Start Preparing for a Move

Start preparing for your move roughly two months before you plan to move-out. This provides ample time to clean every room, organize your things and start the packing process. Make a timeline to feel more prepared and not rushed when the big day arrives. The sooner you begin planning, the better!

How to Prepare for a Move

Create a Moving Timeline

The best move-out plan is composed of three important parts: organizing, budgeting & packing. Setting aside one day for each room is a solid way to start the process.If you only have weekend availability, expect the process to take possibly a week or two longer. You’ll probably need an extra week or two to get everything ready.

Make a Moving Budget

Move-out expenses often get overlooked by preoccupied homeowners. Regardless of if you are doing the moving yourself, or calling in the professionals, be sure to plan accordingly. It should be noted that while hiring professionals will shorten your move time, the overall process is more expensive. There are certain things to budget for regardless of which route you take. If you’re moving yourself consider: packing materials, equipment, insurance and the cost of gas. If you hire professionals be sure to budget for: Tips, packing/unpacking services and the moving fees.

Start Organizing for Your Move

Tackling one room at a time can make the process stress-free. Firstly, you must decide what to pack and what to throw away. This part can be overwhelming, check out this complete guide to decluttering your home.

Tips for Organizing Your Things

Before you start to declutter, it is crucial to keep a “keep” and “toss” pile. Doing this will keep the process simplified and easy to follow. Take an inventory of those items that make the cut and cross them off once they are packed. Label the boxes from each room a different color and write on each box what it contains. Keep boxes from the same room together, it will make it so much easier at the new home.

Start Packing for Your Move

Now every box is labeled, start filling them up! Be sure to pack your car or moving truck carefully to maximize your space. Pack each room individually, and complete the whole room before moving on. Without a doubt, protect your valuables by packing them somewhere safe and with the proper materials. It should be noted that carrying heavy things in large boxes is difficult, keep those boxes small! Keep in mind you will likely need tools to take apart furniture, don’t pack those just yet. Last but not least, it’s helpful to have a separate box of things for your first night in a new home. Think toilet paper, bed sheets, phone chargers and tools.

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How To Prepare For A Move in Mystic CT