Connecticut International Movers

When you need an international moving company in Connecticut, consider calling Barnes Moving & Storage. Based in Mystic CT, Barnes Moving is affiliated with Mayflower Movers.  Preparing for your move abroad is just as important as the move itself.  As a Mayflower Agent, we offer many destination services. Whether your move is permanent or temporary, you can reduce the stress of relocation be minimizing the load. Do not underestimate the sheer volume of your belongings. Even if your employer is paying the cost of your international location, you would be well advised to pare down that pile of stuff you intend to ship. Barnes Moving & Storage has a spacious climate controlled warehouse in which to store your belongings that are not suitable for a trip across the ocean. Our secure, clean storage facility will keep your valuable belongings and heirlooms safe.

Barnes and Mayflower provide international movers with peace of mind. Our customers receive the local expertise support they need as they journey into new, uncharted territory. Mayflower doesn’t just plan your packing and unpacking or manage your shipment, we’re here to support you with every aspect of an international move. We offer pre-assignment services will help manage your international move and ease anxiety about the relocation process. As a leader in the moving industry, Mayflower has access to transportation resources in more than 180 countries. Have questions about immigration, housing, customs and cultural resources? Our international move specialists can help you plan and manage every aspect of your next international move.

Our clients are impressed by the effortless moving experience and the conscientious moving team. We are always willing to go the extra mile to make your move a seamless transition. When you are planning a Corporate or Residential move out of the country, call the team that gets the job done to your specifications: Barnes Moving and Storage. We are a verified Better Business Bureau moving company. Call Dean or Sharon today at 860-536-8960.


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