Moving Companies Middletown CT

Moving Companies Middletown CT

Are you in the process of researching moving companies in Middletown, CT? Stop searching and contact Barnes Moving & Storage today! Barnes Moving & Storage has been serving Middletown, CT for decades and can assist you whether you are moving down the street, or across the world. Choosing a reputable company for such a big task can be daunting! We’ve put together a short list of tips for when you need to hire professional movers!

1. Get Recommendations & Do Your Research!

An easy way to select a moving company (or any company for that matter) is by asking friends and family for recommendations. Word of mouth is a powerful source, and often times people don’t hold back on their opinions. Once you have received a few suggestions, it’s time to do some research! Look up some online reviews via Google or Yelp, and see what other customers are saying. Every company will tell you they are the best, but listen to their customers for reliable feedback.

2. Ask For a Written Estimate

It’s always a good idea to protect yourself, and ask for everything in writing. To be absolutely sure that everyone is on the same page come moving day, ask for your estimate in writing. Be sure to ask any potential companies whether they provide non-binding or binding estimates. A non-binding estimate means certain factors can impact your final price. Such things as weight and time will tack on more money to your final price. Binding estimates are always preferred because it leaves no room for uncertainty.

3. Ask All The Questions

Lastly, do not be afraid to speak up at any point during your move. If something feels off, or you feel unsure about something, as questions! A reputable, knowledgeable company will have no problem answering one question -or a hundred. If at any point you have concerns or need clarification on something, you are well within your rights to call the company and ask questions.

If you’re ready to skip the search and hire a dependable company, call our team at Barnes Moving & Storage today! Call us for a quote by calling 1-860-536-8960 and asking for Dean or Sharon. Whether you’re moving down the street, or across the world, our moving services are unmatched. Your belongings will be in the best hands when you choose Barnes Moving & Storage. For additional information, please visit our website.

Moving Companies Middletown CT