When you are looking for movers in Storrs CT, choose a reputable company like Barnes Moving & Storage. The winter season can be tough in Connecticut. With average daytime temperatures ranging between 37 (3°C) and 42°F (6°C) along the coastline and even chiller inland, moving during winters in Connecticut seems like a last resort. However, moving during winters can benefit homeowners. Some of the reasons why moving during the winter season make a wise choice for homeowners include the following.

Cheaper Mover Charges

Movers are likely to drop their charges during the winter season as winter is considered off-peak season. The demand for movers drops as homeowners do not prefer to move during the cold, chilly days, which can turn out to be your advantage.

Less Heat-Related Stress

Many families with young children and pets dread the heat-related stress while moving during summers. You can easily avoid it by dressing appropriately and planning ahead to make your moving experience much more peaceful.

Faster Relocation

Unlike summers, few people pursue road activities during the winter season. Hence, when you move to a new home during winter, you can look forward to faster relocation.

Increased Mover Flexibility

Last but not least, one of the advantages you can enjoy while moving during winter is increased mover flexibility. Since winter is an off-peak season, movers are more flexible in terms of available dates and time slots so you can move at your convenience. Regardless of the weather, if you are looking for movers in Tolland County, Barnes Moving and Storage make your top choice. Our experienced movers ensure that your move is seamless, regardless of the season. Get in touch today to learn more about our services in Storrs, CT. Call : 860-536-8960.


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