When you are looking for moving companies Canterbury CT, rely on the experienced Mayflower movers at Barnes Moving & Storage. Connecticut families and businesses have trusted Barnes Moving for decades. Barnes Moving and Storage is a proudly certified partner of the Mayflower Transit Company which has been serving U.S. customers since 1927. But there are several other reasons why you should opt for the services of Barnes Moving and Storage to get the best move.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Approach

Our trained and experienced movers treat your belongings like our own. Hence, we ensure that each item that you want to move is packaged, loaded, moved, and unpacked with perfect precision. Moreover, our highly skilled movers help you design and execute effective moving plans.

Residential and Commercial Clients

Whether you are a homeowner looking for moving service in Canterbury, CT, or you are a business professional moving your commercial facility, we cater to both residential and commercial clients.

Service Beyond Connecticut

Barnes Moving & Storage company is equipped to move your belongings anywhere in the world. So whether you need to move across the street or to a different country, we offer our expertise to safe relocation. We offer the following moving services:

•  Residential moves in and around Connecticut, and other parts of the country,
•  Commercial moves in and around Connecticut and other parts of the country,
•  International moves to any part of the world,
•  Storage and Distribution Facilities in New London County.

Make the Moving Process Stress-Free For You

Moving to a new place is stressful however, when you choose the services of Barnes Moving & Storage, you can look forward to a stress-free move. To learn more about the moving and storage services of Barnes Moving & Storage call 860-536-8960 and speak with our experts. Talk to Dean or Sharon and ensure a seamless transition into your new space.


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